RCA Trust: About Us

They're always there, they always care
Why not show them its time to play fair
Give up your drinking, forget about drugs
Look into the future and again you’ll earn trust.

Sit down and listen to the things that they say
They're trying to help you, not drive you away
If you’re feeling lonely with nowhere to go
There’s always a door open, just step forward and go.

They’re not there to cure you
But you know that they’ll help
So don’t take them for granted
As you’re the one to lose out.

What We Do...

The RCA Trust is an independent voluntary sector organisation with charitable status (SCO012235) and a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Scotland No. 97520.

We were established in 1978 and the main objective of the organisation is to seek to limit the effects of alcohol, gambling and other problematic behaviours on the individual, their families and the wider community as a whole by providing a range of services and interventions designed to support the individual and their concerned significant others.

RCA Trust provides services covering Tiers 1 – 4.

The interventions provided to service users include:

Information and Advice
Education and Awareness-Raising
Brief Interventions
One to One Counselling
Family Support
Group Work
Rehabilitation services

We also provide support to family members who are affected by a person’s drinking.