Website Design Credits

This website was designed as part of a computing project group at the University of the West of Scotland. Three students undertook the computing project module as part of their individual degree programmes and upon successful completion will gain credit towards their degree. The module consists of the students undertaking a computing project of their choice and completing this project along with all relevant documentation. RCA Trust had contacted the university requesting help designing a new website for their organisation. The website you have been looking over today is the result of RCA Trust coming together with UWS and their students to achieve their goal.

Jolene Sweeney

At the time of the website design Jolene was in her 2nd year of her Computing Science degree program. Jolene was the Project Manager for this project ensuring it was planned and executed in the correct way. She was also responsible for the design and implementation of the website paying particular attention to what the organisation wanted delivered to them.

Yvonne McKinnon

At the time of the website design Yvonne was in her 2nd year of her Business Technology degree program. Yvonne was our business analyst for this project which involved a number of things such as drafting up working agreements, analysing the business requirements of the project etc.

Michelle Sloan

At the time of the website design Michelle was in her 2nd year of her Computing Science degree program. Michelle was our main research analyst and tester sourcing all vital information to assist in choosing the design and content of the website. As our main tester she was also responsible for collating all test logs and evaluating the data to determine where improvements could be made.

Each student played an invaluable role in getting this organisation back online with a website they are proud to show off!