councellorWhat is counselling?

Counselling is the process of supporting individuals through the difficulties of every day life. It helps individuals to understand their difficulties and reach a decision on what to do. It means that young people can come and have a chat with a counsellor who will be willing to listen and support them.

Sometimes young people just need somebody they can trust and share feelings of distress, anxiety, unhappiness with etc. Or they might feel like they need some advice about what to do. Some young people might feel like their alcohol drinking or drug taking might be a problem and want to change that.

Some problems that young people have come to us to discuss include: their own alcohol or drug use, their parents’ or friends’ alcohol or drug use, gambling, anger issues, stress, depression, self harm, suicidal feelings, loneliness, bereavement, anxiety, relationships, and many more.

What is important to know about counselling?

The most important thing to understand about counselling is confidentiality. Confidentiality means that what you talk about with your counsellor stays between the two of you, unless there are serious concerns about someone’s life being at risk.

If you do not feel comfortable with the person who has been assigned as your counsellor you have the right to ask for someone else.

Counselling is a process that means that you might have to meet with your counsellor several times (depending on your own needs).

Does counselling cost you?

No, you can receive counseling for free!

How can I get counselling?

You just need to pick up the phone or contact us and ask for an appointment. Or you can even ask somebody else to give us a call.