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Volunteer counselling support workerBECOME A VOLUNTEER COUNSELLOR

Volunteer counsellors play a vital role in maintaining our counselling services. We are always keen to recruit volunteers. There are three basic ways in which someone can become a volunteer counsellor. All volunteer counsellors are subject to our standard recruitment policy to ensure suitability.


1. People with no counselling qualification

Depending on availability and a successful interview candidates may be invited to join one of counsellor training courses. These practical courses usually take place over weekends and evenings and normally last about 100 hours. Successful completion of the course leads to the award of a National Certificate in counselling skills (note: subject to review). Given the cost involved in running these training courses, volunteers are required to provide at least two years volunteer counselling. Failure to do so will lead to a request to pay the costs of their training.


2. People with a counselling qualification

RCA Trust will consider candidates that have been trained externally. Acceptable external qualifications include

Other qualifications will be considered on their merit. All externally trained candidates are required to complete a short course covering key issues in substance misuse counselling unless they can provide evidence of practice and / or training.


3. People returning to counselling

We recognise that counsellors occasionally take breaks from counselling practice. The agency is always keen to encourage these counsellors to return; however, the right of return is not automatic. Before a counsellor can return to counselling, management has to be certain that this is appropriate. Hence all counsellors who have taken a break or who have quit will be interviewed before entry. In some instances return to counselling might be conditional on additional training or support being accepted.