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the RCA trust

Here to support recovery across Renfrewshire and beyond.

The mission of the RCA Trust is to seek to limit the damaging effects of alcohol and related behaviour on the individual , their families and the community bu providing a range of services and activities. 


Our prevention and treatment services are geared towards meeting the specific needs off each individual, family , group and organisations. Our approach is holistic, flexible and will be customised from harm-reduction to abstinence-based solution with an open referral policy.

Starting with advice and information, progressing into education, counselling and treatment all services provided will meet the individuals needs specifically. 


We are committed to providing high quality of service and treatment to all of our service users. this is achieved by ensuring that all of our workers are fully trained, supported and monitored in their work. We offer a fast-response, confidential service to all while promoting respect, dignity, equality and diversity in all that we do. 

List of services provided by the rca trust

  • Alcohol and Counselling Services 

  • Accommodation Services

  • Gambling Services 

  • Offender Services 

We also offer help to families and individuals effected by all addiction.Call us today to find out more informations and  begin your journey to recovery, all calls are strictly confidential. 

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