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Bet You Can Help

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Bet you can help now:
This FREE offer is a 1hr ‘Bet You Can Help Now!’ session, delivered online or face to face at a convenient time, covering the following:
  • Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of gambling related harms.

  • Learners will have increased confidence in implementing effective screening and interventions with those at risk of gambling related harm.

  • Learners will be aware of and understand the appropriate levels of support available to help and support those affected by gambling related harms.

Bet You Can Help Level 2:


The second component is the ‘Bet You Can Help’ level two award in tackling gambling- related harms, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health and regulated by Ofqual.There is an exam style assessment to be awarded this qualification. This full day training programme offers three in depth modules focusing on:
  • The prevalence and different perspectives on gambling related harms 

  •  The identification of gambling related harms and the specialist support 

  •  Treatment and signposting available to help those in need

The precursor to the three fixed modules is a themed module related specifically to those working within the Criminal Justice System.

RCA Trust provide free and confidential specialist support to anyone at risk of or experiencing gambling related harms across Scotland. RCA Trust operates as part of the National Gambling Support Network.


There is sufficient evidence to support that gambling can be a main cause of several negative impacts upon an individual and their loved ones, some of which include a increased risk of homelessness (people within the homeless community are up to 10 times more likely to experience significant harm from gambling), poor mental health,  debt, (food) poverty, domestic abuse/violence, criminality, social isolation and in many cases, suicidal ideation/intent (on average 2 people a day in the UK lose their lives to gambling).  


The ‘Bet You Can Help’ training programme, is an educational first aid approach to tackling gambling related harms. This programme looks to engage with all aspects of criminal justice system aiming to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to tackle gambling related harm at a variety of touch points.

Our aim is that providing this training to those working in “helping roles” , we will hope to drive down the numbers of individuals experiencing gambling related harm, whether that be the individual or anyone else affected.

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